Who We Are


More than an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure, a barometer today refers to anything that serves as an indicator of change.

At Barometer Research we are constantly curious about social change. What drives it, why it happens, how it can be sparked, when conditions for it are most conducive, how to measure it most accurately, and how it impacts the present and the future.

Barometer Research is a specialist social research organization that operates as a network consultancy. Our unique model pairs the deep experience of our senior, in-house team with a network of qualified researchers and experienced field and data analysis teams.

Barometer Research is also a part of the global Bairds CMC network, where we head their global research function. Our network consultancy model and association with Bairds CMC allow us to leverage the appropriate skill sets for each project and carry out large, high-quality studies across India and internationally in a consistent and time-bound manner.

At Barometer you will receive the direct attention of senior and experienced researchers. Our personal involvement allows us to deliver rich, hand crafted insights that accurately reflects social and development realities on-the-ground.

Some examples of recent studies that we have conducted are as follows:


Project Name



HIV vaccine - Key influencers study

A study among opinion leaders, to understand potential HIV Vaccine Utilization Policies (conducted with Bairds CMC)

Across 27 countries

Policy research on the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine

A study to understand barriers and drivers to the adoption of the HPV vaccine in public health

Major metros in India

Condom KAP (Knowledge, Attitude, & Practices)

A study to assess awareness of and attitudes to condoms.

Across rural regions of four states

Indoor Air Pollution study

A study to assess current knowledge, attitude and practices on the effects of smoke in the kitchen on Health.

Five districts of one state, covering nearly 100 villages

Corporate image study

A corporate brand image study for a major international non-profit organization

Across 10 major cities in the United States of America

Mobile health care services

A study among villages in India to assess interest in and willingness to pay for mobile healthcare services

Two districts in one state

Policy research on the HIV Vaccine

A study to understand barriers to, and drivers of, a potential HIV vaccine (conducted with Bairds CMC)

Across nine countries

Schools for low income children in cities

A study to list schools available to low income homes in metros

Seven urban centers in India

Private sector education in cities

A study to understand selection of schools for children by parents in low income households

Three cities in India

Microfinance needs and availability study

A study to assess need and availability of microfinance to low income households in an Indian metro.

Urban slums

Institution image assessment study

A study to assess the image of leading education institutions among key stakeholders

Ten cities across India

Profile of members study

A study to assess the demographic profile and needs of senior citizens

Major metros in India

Condom communication

A study to assess acceptability, comprehension and impact of alternative communication approaches for condoms

Across rural and urban regions of 4 states

Communication for alternate water treatment methods

A study to assess communication for alternate water treatment methods

Villages in one state in India