What We Do


Our focus, and area of interest is social research, which includes:

  • Formative research to guide development program design and strategy.

  • Knowledge, attitude, behavior and practice studies.

  • Tracking, monitoring, and evaluation studies.

  • Large national and regional surveys.

  • Policy research to inform advocacy and policy change.

  • Understanding society as it changes and the impact of social change on individual behavior.

  • Research for communication development and pre-testing.

  • Corporate image studies that help organizations understand how they are perceived by employees, stakeholders and society at large.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) studies.

  • In addition we are always interested in the separate yet overlapping worlds that together create the rich fabric of human experiences. The world’s of family, work, cultural influence, community involvement and social progress.

We bring to the table expertise in:

  • Thorough sampling design, appropriate to the research objective.

  • Carefully thought out research methods.

  • Robust yet efficient research designs.
      » Qualitative research: to understand the range of issues, the How’s and Why’s
          for each issue, and develop insights.
      » Quantitative research: to rank and prioritize issues – to make insights 
         actionable; and to quantify the impact of interventions.

  • Questionnaire design for sensitive topics, for illiterate audiences and for multi lingual, multi cultural environments.

  • Focus Groups and Depth Interviews
      » With a wide range of respondents from disparate worlds - from CEOs to Slum
         dwellers, and Senior Government officials to Rural mothers.
      » Depth Interviews that could be Individual, Paired, or Group/Family, depending  
         on the setting and the requirement.

  • Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA’s)

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Projective techniques

  • Appropriate Observation Methods