Barometer Research is a specialist social, rural, consumer and development research organization founded on over two decades of research experience.

We operate as a network consultancy, combining the deep experience of our senior, in-house team with a network of qualified researchers and experienced field and data analysis teams. This enables us to leverage the appropriate skill sets for each project, and carry out large, high quality studies across India and internationally in a consistent and time bound manner.

At Barometer you will receive the direct attention of senior and experienced researchers. Our personal involvement allows us to deliver rich, hand crafted insights that accurately reflect realities on-the-ground.

Vast research experience has:

  • Helped us develop expertise, sensitivity and skill in working with low-income and illiterate respondent groups to obtain insights.

  • Consistently shown us that poverty has its own priorities and imperatives. Imperatives that have far reaching implications for social issues ranging from family planning to household financial management.

  • Allowed us to study and understand the pre-eminence of public health interventions in improving the quality of human life.

  • Enabled us to see how education and micro-finance can, in different ways, help break the vicious cycle of poverty.

  • Given us the opportunity to examine why the most vulnerable people in the world - women and children - hold the key to progress and development.

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